Accessibility Statement

We’re delighted to welcome anyone to our cottage who feels they can accommodate its intrinsic limitations.

It is an old building, adapted from a former cow byre with little regard for present-day requirements.

  • The front door opens inwards from the pavement, giving directly into a tiny entrance hall.
  • Directly ahead are the stairs. To the right and left sharp turns lead through doors to the kitchen and snug sitting room.
  • The back door can be reached through the main garage door, out of the garage side door and down eight steps.
  • We have no downstairs toilet.
  • The stairs are narrow and steep, though they have a handrail.
  • Upstairs there are three bedrooms, two of which have a step up at their threshold.
  • The toilet is separate and, though we don’t have grab rails on the bath, there is a walk in shower in the bathroom.
  • We can provide hypoallergenic bedding.
  • On arrival it’s not possible to stop in the road outside the front door, even to unload, as traffic approaches from three directions.
  • The nearest place for unloading is in the garage behind the cottage or in the adjacent private car park.